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Please pray in the name of Jesus Christ for deliverance, complete healing, creative miracles, financial provisions, and blessings for myself (Mary) and my family (Stan Sr, Mary Ann, Stan Jr, Joe, and Daniel). We have some serious health issues going on which have caused great financial struggles and stress for us affecting three generations. Please pray that the legal cases due to some of these health issues being caused by injuries are justly and fairly settled to provide the needed financial relief. Please also pray for my friend Roger who has prostate cancer, my cousin Jeni who has ovarian cancer, my friend Lisa for all her health and other issues she is having to deal with, and for Darell who needs healing from a brain injury.

Please pray for my son A.H. as he tries to deal with multiple stressors in his life.

Please pray for my son Matt who passed away 10 years ago, may he be resting in the peace of Christ.

Please pray for Christy who is battling terrible migraines taking her to the hospital because she cannot take her meds as she is pregnant.

Please prayer for Pam who has been battling colon cancer for 18 mo. Pray for her providers to be compassionate and knowledgeable, and that she and her family have support and love from those around them, and that Pam continue the faith, love, and and comfort she knows from our almighty God.

Please pray for my daughter ... she's coming out of drug rehab, doing well, but has met a man that is likely to take her back to her old ways.

Please pray for my daughter Julie who suffers from Selective Mutism that she can break free from her shyness and start talking to everyone so that she can have a good and productive life and that she always follows God we ask this in the name of Jesus Amen.

Please pray for my niece that the Holy Spirit can enter her heart so that she can start talking to her mother again that they can have a true mother daughter relationship.I ask this in the name of Jesus Amen.

Please pray for my mother who is suffering from Alzheimer's that she doesn't suffer too long and that her guardian angels will protect her I ask this in the name of Jesus Christ Amen. I also ask that my husband stays cancer free and healthy and that my children go back to church that the Holy Spirit fills us with love.Amen.

Please pray for my sister and her daughter that they can repair their relationship and accept each other without judgement I ask this in the name of Jesus Christ Amen.

Please pray for us as we try to get my sister's financial problems taken care of I ask the in the name of Jesus Amen

Please pray for my husband that he stay cancer free and healthy I ask this in the name of Jesus Christ Amen. Also for my 3 children that they always follow Jesus in this materialistic world.AMEN.

Please pray for my great-nephew, Elliot, who is one week old and born with some heart complications. Elliot will have his first surgery this Thursday. May God watch over little Elliot for a successful surgery and bring peace and calmness to his parents, grandparents and family.

Please pray for my best friend who committed to a difficult relationship, has fought to do what is the best for children in her second marriage the last 10 years, but has slowly learned that she cannot "save" the children from their own father. May the children in the situation be better rounded by having her involved in their lives and be empowered to be the best they can. Please pray for the family in this situation as each person has their own heart ache that only God knows.



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