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Please pray for Joyce Hutchison as she undergoes chemotherapy

Prayers for my sister Sarah Hackett who is having surgery tomorrow.

I have a very special request I'd like prayers for ... Deacon Mike

Please pray for Eric McDonald's salvation...May God's grace draw him to Christ Jesus...May his life be transformed by The Holy Ghost....Pray that the hope of Christ will fill his life bring forth joy, peace, and everlasting salvation. There is no greater need than the need for salvation.

Dawn is in the hospital with stage 4 cancer. She has been battling cancer for 3 years and the cancer has gotten very aggressive. She needs healing and prayers for the guidance of the doctors to know the best form of action and for the cancer to be lifted from her body and full healing.

Please pray for 5 month old Baby Zoe as she undergoes heart surgery this Thursday, Oct. 30. May the surgery be a success and may her family stay strong throughout this difficult process.

Please pray for all the Christian families in the middle east whose children are being beheaded by ISIS because of their Christian faith.

Pray for me as I deal with unknown stomach issues that I may find a caring doctor and be well again so I can care for my husband with dementia. Thank you and Bless all who pray for us.

Please pray for someone who is suffering from the memories of a war, and struggling with drinking. As a Soldier I never want to quit, never give up, but sometimes I need a Battle Buddy to help me cope. Over the last few months the pit of depression has gotten deep -- but I was reassured that no matter how deep the pit, God will reach down and scoop me up. Many of us suffer from a pain or illness that can be seen....some of us suffer from indescribable pain that cannot be seen. We can never erase the horrible memories...but we could use the help of prayer to find ways to deal with it. St. Michael, pray for us.

Hi, My name is Myung Kim, and I go by Paul. I've been exposed to a certain amount of harmful radiation for a long time (around 3 months straight), and I am aching all over my body, my whole body feels like it's burning. I do not know what to do. I am frightened, but I trust in God. Please pray for me Thank you, and God bless you - Paul Myung Hyun Kim Garden Grove, California, USA

Pray for our missionaries serving in Northern Iraq. ISIS continues to advance its extreme Islamic goals for mass conversion or death for Christians. ISIS actually beheading children in the presence of their parents Pray especially for missionaries who are on their own. Pray for their courage; for the deliverance of people of Northern Iraq & that God surround the parents in their loss as well. With humble thanks to Iowa Catholic Radio; their loyal supporters & everyone’s prayers.

Pray for my brother who is facing unknown health issues and that he turns to God to help him heal and continue to seek God's word.

Pray that my children find their way back to the church and my grandchildren are raised to understand and follow the Catholic teachings.

Let us pray for Dick S who has a fracture in his spine, for relief from pain and continued healing. He is also recently diagnosed with cancer in his right kidney, may the Lord reduce and remove this disease from his body. Let us also pray for Lloyd S who has melanoma, that he will continue to respond to chemo in a positive way. Let us pray for Sylvia M-B who is suffering this past year from colon cancer, that she will bear her cross with the Lord at her side. Amen

Let us pray for Mike and Emilie Peters as they move from Iowa Catholic Radio in Des Moines to EWTN in Alabama. May the Lord bless them in their ministry of communications. Thank you Lord for Mike's caring heart and humility as he served us so diligently and professionally behind the scenes at Iowa Catholic Radio. We really appreciate his love and caring heart. Mike gave us his very best, always. God bless you Mike.

Please pray for my Father John, when we were in Africa many years ago people have used voodoo on him and he never recovered from it. Please pray for him to be delivered from infatuation curses, sex magic and demonic control. May God finally heal him from these things, so that my parents can spend their life together again. Please pray for our family to soon come together again. Thank you.

Pray for the group going to the New Melleray Abbey this weekend, that their hearts will be opened to God's call for them.



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