Ambassador Responsibilities

Below is a list of possible Ambassador responsibilities:

  • Attend an Event Kick-Off. Each Iowa Catholic Radio event has an      evangelical purpose to reach more souls for Christ, but each event may have a particular audience that it is trying to reach. The Event Kick-Offs will provide information about the event, materials, and what is needed to get the word out at each parish. These Event Kick-Offs will be a lot of fun and give each Ambassador a chance to get connected with the other Parish Ambassadors.
  • Place events in the bulletin.
  • Provide a bulletin announcement when applicable.
  • Place the Iowa Catholic Radio brochure at each brochure location in the            church and keep it filled.
  • Put a flyer up for each event.
  • Email or request an email to go out about the event.
  • Share with relevant church groups about events that Kit in with their                 social demographics.
  • Share with Iowa Catholic Radio any church event that is geared to the               diocese so that Iowa Catholic Radio can announce it to their listeners.

How to be a part of the Ambassadors' Club

If you enjoy listening to Catholic Radio and you believe in the mission to reach others for Christ through media, you are well on your way to become an Ambassador for Iowa Catholic Radio.

Iowa Catholic Radio looks forward to working with every parish to advertise their great events and also to reach more parishioners that are not living their faith by introducing them to Catholic media.

The first step to being a part of the Ambassador Club is to contact

Leslie Teeling:

Ambassadors' Club

Parish Ambassadors
Connect their Parish with Iowa Catholic Radio.


Parish Ambassadors connect the church and Iowa Catholic Radio and serve as a liaison to inform Iowa Catholic Radio of a church need and to help Iowa Catholic Radio share its events with the parish.

Helping Others
Encounter Jesus Ambassadors play a key role in reaching those who attend church but have yet to experience a personal relationship with Jesus and the anointing of the Holy Spirit.

What Ambassadors Receive

Ambassadors receive a special Iowa Catholic Radio Ambassador name tag to be worn when representing Iowa Catholic Radio.  They are listed on the ICR website and receive 1 ticket to the Dinner in December. They are listed in the Dinner in December booklet and will be a part of the “Thank You Wall” in the new studio.

Catholic Radio Works

​Western culture is predominantly a culture of the media. The desires, attitudes, and ideas that most people hold, even their religious and moral beliefs, are shaped in large part as a result of their choices of media consumption. Apart from the witness of personal holiness, Catholic radio offers the single most powerful means of evangelization and catechesis available to the Church today.  The connection with Christ need not stop when the listener leaves Mass or is going about his or her daily life.