Connecting people with Christ and His Church on their faith journey

Monday, September 25

​​10:00am     Hosts: Kate Asjes, Leslie Teeling

                   Guest: Addie Magruder, Fellowship of Catholic University Students (FOCUS) 

12:00pm     Hosts: Tony Calumet, Jeanne Wells

                   Guest: John Kuchinski, Saint Thomas Aquinas - Indianola

​2:00pm       Hosts: Kate Asjes, Leslie Teeling

                   ​Guest: Dr. Greg McKernan​, Vitae Family Care Clinic 

3:20pm       Host: Kate Asjes, Leslie Teeling

                   Guests: Lisa Bourne, Michelle Helm & Michelle Cortlandt,

                   Catholic School House

Wednesday, September 27

​​10:00am     Host: Bo Bonner  

                   Guest: Trent Horn, apologist, author, Why We're Catholic

12:00pm     Host: Jeanne Wells, Tony Calumet

                   Guest: Cindy Shaw, Emmaus House
1:00pm       Host: Jeanne Wells, Tony Calumet

                   Guest: Maureen Stone, Catechesis of the Good Shepherd, Saint Thomas                            Aquinas - Indianola

D I V I S I O N  1                          
St. Augustin     $7,305                  
St. Francis        $6,580                    
Priests              $5,375

Thank you to all our guests, hosts, and great listeners!


Thursday, September 28

12:00pm     Hosts: Jeanne Wells, Tony Calumet

                   Guest: Mark McCurdy, songwriter, All Saints ​

Friday, September 29

9:00am       Host: Kelly Mescher Collins

                   Guest: Bishop Richard Pates

12:00pm     Host: Jeanne Wells, Tony Calumet

                   Guest: Chris McConville, Saint Augustin & Basilica of Saint John

1:00pm       Host: Jeanne Wells, Tony Calumet

                   Guest: Randy Kiel, Kardia Counseling

D I V I S I O N  2
Sacred Heart                              $7,125
Basilica of St. John                   $5,085
St. Theresa                                 $4,200
St. Mary of Nazareth                  $3,935
Our Lady's Immaculate Heart   $2,150
St. Pius X                                    $1,895
All Saints                                    $1,840
St. Thomas Aquinas - Indianola $1,810
Christ the King                          $1,005
St. Joseph                                     $841
St. Luke (Ankeny)                         $580
St. Anthony                                   $435
Holy Trinity                                    $300
St. Ambrose                                    $50

GOAL MET!  $95,846

Thank you


Parish Team Totals

Tuesday, September 26

8:00am       Host: Kate Asjes

                   Guest: Dr. Stephen M. Kirby, author,

                   Islam: According to Muhammad, Not Your Neighbor

9:00am       Host: Jeanne Wells       

                   Guest: Kelly Mescher Collins, Diocese of Des Moines

10:00am     Host: Barbara Heil

                   Guest: Christopher Check, Catholic Answers

1:00pm       Hosts: Jeanne Wells, Tony Calumet      

                   Guests: Dawn Ogden & Wendy Ogden, Saint Anthony
2:00pm       Host: Kate Asjes

                   Guests: Monsignor Beeson & Monsignor Chiodo, Priest Team