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Changing Hearts & Minds – Spring Care a Thon – April 28 thru May 2

April 28 thru May 2

Listen all week for heart-felt stories of our friends and neighbors who’s life has been changed by listening to Iowa Catholic Radio.  We are humbled by the work of the Holy Spirit through this ministry.  Join us and help support this work.


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Parish Spotlight – St. Catherine of Siena

Mission Statement


St. Catherine of Siena Catholic Student Center is a spiritual “home away from home” for Drake students and resident parishioners. We strive through worship, prayer, fellowship, study and service to be disciples of Jesus today so that we will be the leaders of the Catholic Church and Community tomorrow.


As students and resident parishioners we want to:
Know the Faith Through active Discipleship
Grow in the Faith through Active Fellowship and Prayer
Share the Faith through active Leadership and Social Justice
To find out more about St. Kate’s … go to http://www.stcatherinedrake.org

Check out the Features Airing This Week on Iowa Catholic Radio

St Kates Feature 1

St Kates Feature 2

St Kates Feature 3

St Kates Feature 4

The St. Catherine of Siena Spotlight is sponsored by:


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Iowa Catholic Radio TODAY

Check out some of our recent guests:

Co-Coach Sharon Hanson joined us on Monday following the successful bid as the Girls State Basketball 5A  Champs Dowling Catholic High School:

Iowa Catholic Radio … Today Sharon Hanson 031014

Rise and shine at 7am with Iowa Catholic Radio TODAY.  Other than Jeanne Wells Weather, which never seems to be right anyway, the news, sports and guests provide a warm and welcoming addition to your morning.  Jon Leonetti, Mark Amadeo and I have a special connection and all the credit goes to the Holy Spirit.

Jon Leonetti was raised Catholic, just like all three of us, and took a turn at seminary to discern a call to the priesthood.  After walking across America with a buddy from seminary, not only did he gain a grass roots perspective on the Catholic youth of America, but also discerned he was called to marriage.  He and his wife, Teresa, just celebrated their second wedding anniversary and were blessed with a son in 2012, Joseph.

Jon is an up and coming star on the international speaking circuit and you can find more information about Jon at www.jdleonetti.com.

The most common question asked about Dowling Catholic Hall of Famer Mark Amadeo is why.  Why do we call him Dowling Catholic Hall of Famer?  Mark has been announcing games at Dowling Catholic High School since he was a student at Dowling!  For his 30+ years of dedicated broadcasting service, Mark was inducted in the Dowling Hall of Fame in 2010.  Mark’s son, Alex attends Grand View College; Mark and his wife, Mary, have a kindergarten daughter, Gracie, who attends Holy Trinity Catholic School.

If Jon is the up and coming star, I must be the setting sun of the bunch.  As the senior member of the Morning Show team, I’m the youngest to the broadcast world.  Even though I’m known for Jeanne Wells Weather, my true love of the show is the opportunity to pray with and for our family of listeners.  My own family is all grown up; my son, Evan and Mandy have my (most adorable in the whole world) granddaughter, Katelyn.  My daughter, Chelsea and Andy, added a grandson, Drew,  to my brood in November 2013.

The mission of Iowa Catholic Radio is to ‘teach, defend and evangelize the Catholic faith’.   Jon, Mark and I are blessed to be a daily witness for our faith, and pray that our voice can help someone find their voice in giving praise and thanksgiving to God.

Thanks for reading this blog and please let me know what you would like to hear as I share more — including behind-the-scenes with our guests and the ministry of Iowa Catholic Radio TODAY.


Jeanne Wells

Executive Director of Catholic Tuition Organization and Co-Host of The Morning Show Today


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Dowling Catholic is COOL!

VOTE NOW for the coolest t-shirt!

VOTE for the coolest grade at Dowling Catholic High School, and all the students in that grade will receive their own student-designed t-shirt (see below) to wear on jeans day!








Check out these audio files that will be airing all week!

My School is Cool at Dowling Catholic is sponsored by:

Vote if you are over 18 and out of high school!

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St. Thomas University Singers – March 20

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“I Will Never Forget You”

There are few songs known by its scriptural reference, and Isaiah 49 is one of the few.   “Can a mother forget her baby, or a
woman the child within her womb? Yet, even if these forget, I will never forget my own.”   This is the first reading for this coming Sunday.

Even if a mother forgets her baby, God will never forget us.  So many live a life of despair, and have lost all hope.  Just this week, we received a prayer intention at Iowa Catholic Radio that begs for an answer to his despair, Tim wrote:

“Please pray for me. I really, really need help. After eight years of battling with alcoholism and depression, I’m trying to get my life back, but everything seems so grey and empty now. I feel I don’t have any purpose to live anymore. I feel lost and in despair now. Heavenly Father, please, enlighten me and show my way in life. Help me to find the job I like, the place I wish to live and please, give me the purpose to live. Also, please pray for my mother Dana, recently she had a stroke and very ill now. Father, please take care of my mother and help her to recover.”

We answered his request, in part, with prayer and encouragement to seek some counseling and support from places like
Catholic Charities and St. Vincent de Paul Society.  We have another role too.  Let’s not forget this anonymous petitioner,
and the many others like him.  Offer today this prayer:

Lord God of love and mercy and forgiveness, be with all who are searching for you, help them to turn their lives to you.  Help them to trust that you will always be with them.  We ask this through Christ our Lord.  Amen

Listen to: Isaiah 49


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Faith on Trial

with “Defender of the Faith” Deacon Mike Manno

Check out our most recent show:

031114 FOT Arizona’s veto of SB1062 and protection of conscience rights.  Guest:  Dexter Duggan, independent Catholic journalist who covers Arizona politics

For additional shows, click on Programs to hear episodes from all the local Iowa Catholic Radio programming.

TUESDAY 9am & 9pm

The only show of its kind on Catholic Radio!

Attorney, author, St. Augustin Parishioner, AND “Defender of the Faith” … Deacon Mike Manno and  his co-host Gina Noll take a down-to-earth look at stories in the news and their impact on the Christian community every Tuesday 9am & 9pm.

Sponsored by:

Rick McConville, Attorney & Counselor At Law, experienced, client-focused legal services based in West Des Moines, with a wide and varied successful legal practice that has been serving local and national clients for more than four decades.

Coppola, McConville, Coppola, Hockenberg & Scalise, P.C., 2100 Westown Parkway, West Des Moines, 515-453-1055, online at www.CSMCLaw.com

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Catholic Women Now

What does Julie Nelson and Chris Magruder have in common?

Faith ~ Family ~ Friendship

Our weekly feature by Catholic women talking about the things that matter most to Catholic Women.

What are the issues that matter most to Catholic women? Topics range from husbands & family to school & work with all of the discussions grounded in the teachings of the Catholic Church.  Julie and Chris do their homework to find local and national experts break open a topic that help us grow in our faith, our families and our friendships!

And word has it…the men like the show too!

Audio Archives:

CWN 031314 Friday’s during Lent (cooking ideas) and Deacon Dave O’Brien on Stations of the Cross

For our other shows, click on programs tab for a complete listing of all of the local program archives on Iowa Catholic Radio.

Catholic Women Now – Thursdays 9am and 9pm on Iowa Catholic Radio

Underwriting for Catholic Women Now! with Julie Nelson & Chris Magruder is provided by Jessica Lawson & Lawson Family Dentistry AND Tom Moreland & Spirit Homecare

Lawson Family Dentistry delivers quality dental care to families and individuals of all ages, including special needs patients with emphasis on early patient education and disease prevention, guiding patients to optimal oral health.

Lawson Family Dentistry, Northwest 128th St, Urbandale, 515-278-4366, online @ www.LawsonDentistry.com

Lawson Family Dentistry … Creating vibrant and healthy smiles in Urbandale

Spirit Homecare is rooted in our Christian love and Guided by the Holy Spirit. We serve all people needing hope, comfort and a little help along the way. Our “Radical Loving Care” shines through each one of our caregivers to lift the spirits of those we serve.  Whether it’s a few hours a week or 24 hours a day, we bring care to you!

Spirit Homecare, 515-987-9090, online @ www.spirithomehealthcare.org

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Break Into Song

Jeanne Wells

Co-host of Iowa Catholic Radio Today, executive director of Catholic Tuition Organization, mother of 2 grown children and Gramma to two most-adorable grandchildren in the entire world!  Church musician since she was 12, she directs the choir at Saturday night Mass at St. Thomas Aquinas in Indianola.

Pictured: Jesse Manibusan, Steve Angrisano, Jeanne and Sarah Hart.



Lift Up Your Hearts

It’s true…I’ll break into song for any reason; you plant a seed in my musically inclined brain, and a part of song will erupt.  This weekend at Mass I was reminded of our reason for singing.

“Lift Up Your Hearts To The Lord” and praise God’s gracious mercy! Every time we sing this, I wonder if anyone is joining in. I don’t mean just singing the words, but lifting up their hearts! What a glorious song sharing our love for God with everyone around us and, at the same time, acknowledging that we need His love and mercy!

Singing is such a joyful way to praise God’s presence and his gift of life to us. We’re put here on earth in this year, in this state, in this family and we have chosen this Catholic faith. If there was ever a time to belt out a national anthem or a fight song or a song of praise, it is now. We can be a witness to our faith to the faithful around us. Our hearts, lifted up with theirs, in a unified song of praise! Hallelujah!

Enjoy the original composer Fr. Roc O’Connor and “Lift Up Your Heart”:


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Fr. John Riccardo goes National

It’s almost guaranteed…the #1 most popular show on Iowa Catholic Radio is Christ is the Answer with Fr. John Riccardo!  For as long as we have surveyed folks as a part of our semi-annual pledge drives, Fr. John is the hands-down favorite of our listeners.

As of February 1st, Fr. John will have an even bigger following as his show is  picked up by EWTN Radio and broadcast to 250+ Catholic radio stations across the United States.

We know how impactful Fr. John is in his ministry as we’ve heard from Joe Stopulous and Lindsay Farmer who have both had tremendous conversion experiences because Christ is the Answer was broadcast on Iowa Catholic Radio.  We are grateful that Joe and Lindsay, along with many others, have shared how we have helped to change their heart and mind on their Catholic faith.

Christ is the Answer with Fr. John Riccardo can be heard Monday-Friday from 11am to Noon and again from 8pm to 9pm each weeknight.

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Saint of the Day
  • St. Fidelis of Sigmaringen
    If a poor man needed some clothing, Fidelis would often give the man the clothes right off his back. Complete generosity to others characterized this saint's life. Born in 1577, Mark Rey (Fidelis was his religious name) became a lawyer who constantly upheld the causes of the poor and oppressed people. ... […]
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