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Fr. Michael Amadeo: Immaculate Conception

Fr. Michael Amadeo is a regular guest on the morning show. He brings a little humor to our morning, but he always offers insight on our Catholic faith. Here is a short clip from April 16th when Fr. Michael shared a short explanation of the Immaculate Conception. The voices of your friends, family and leaders are on IA Catholic Radio. Tune in everyday to 1150AM-88.5FM-94.5FM and learn more about your faith. Listen here: Fr. Michael Amadeo: Immaculate Conception

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Spring Care-A-Thon A Great Success



A very sincere “thank you” to everyone who helped make the Spring Care A Thon a success! 

The total pledged is just over $81,000.00, surpassing our $80,000.00 goal!  It will very nearly cover the cost of new anchors and guy wires for our towers at Norwalk. I hope you all know how grateful we are for your support and your vote of confidence in the work of Iowa Catholic Radio. Your pledges are solid testimony that our mission to teach, defend and evangelize the Catholic faith is important.

The top fund-raising team, receiving dinner for 4 for their priest at the Latin King restaurant, is Well Read Gentlemen, but all the teams are winners! Here are the top 5 fund-raising teams:


Team Name Amount
Well Read Gentlemen 4,400
St. Mary of Nazareth 3,916
St. Francis of Assisi 3,680
All Saints 3,081
Sacred Heart 2,520


Again, thanks to everyone for being a very important participant, with your prayers and financial support, in the work of Iowa Catholic Radio.


Jerry Bretey

General Manager


And a special “Thank You” for calling in with your pledge.

With your prayers and support Iowa Catholic Radio will continue to “Connect Listeners with Christ”!



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Fr. Michael Amadeo on Faith & Good Works

The voices of your friends, family and leaders are on IA Catholic Radio. Here is a short clip from the March 12th morning show when Fr. Michael Amadeo shared a brief explanation of what we as Catholics believe about Faith and Good Works. Tune in to 1150AM-88.5FM-94.5FM or streaming live and learn more about your faith everyday. Listen here: Fr. Michael Amadeo: Faith and Good Works

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Dowling Catholic is COOL!

VOTE NOW for the coolest t-shirt!

VOTE for the coolest grade at Dowling Catholic High School by voting for the coolest t-shirt, and all the students in that grade with the most votes will receive their own student-designed t-shirt (see below) to wear on jeans day!

My School is Cool at Dowling Catholic is sponsored by:

Vote if you are over 18 and out of high school!

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2015 Spring Newsletter

Don’t Miss A Minute on Iowa Catholic


History of Iowa Catholic Radio

Spring Care-a-thon

Upcoming Events

and lots more….


Click on Image below to read our 2015 Spring Newsletter!




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Iowa Catholic Radio TODAY

Miss a minute?  Miss a lot!

Special Lenten Series on the Seven Deadly Sins

Feb 18 Dr. Kevin Vost -  Segment 1: Slashing Sloth

Feb 23 Dr. Kevin Vost –  Segment 2: Ending Envy

Mar 6 Dr. Kevin Vost – Segment 3: Abolishing Avarice

Mar 13 Dr. Kevin Vost – Segment 4: Vanquishing Vainglory

Mar 17 Dr. Kevin Vost - Segment 5: Gutting Gluttony


Fabulous Guests on Iowa Catholic Radio Today … LISTEN AND ENJOY!

Deacon Keith Fournier – What does Holy Week Mean?

Trent Horn – Persuasive ProLife

Patrick Novecosky – Jubilee Year of Mercy Announcement

Tom Peterson – Catholics Come Home at Easter

Andrea Thomas, singer/songwriter – “Crying Out to You”

Eileen Valdez – Divine Mercy


Rise and shine at 7am with Iowa Catholic Radio TODAY.  You’ll get Jeanne Wells Weather, the news, sports and guests provide a warm and welcoming addition to your morning.  Jon Leonetti, Mark Amadeo and Jeanne Wells have a special connection and all the credit goes to the Holy Spirit.

Jon Leonetti was raised Catholic, just like all three of us, and took a turn at seminary to discern a call to the priesthood.  After walking across America with a buddy from seminary, not only did he gain a grass roots perspective on the Catholic youth of America, but also discerned he was called to marriage.  He and his wife, Teresa, just celebrated their second wedding anniversary and were blessed with a son in 2012, Joseph.  They are expecting their second child this summer.

Jon is an up and coming star on the international speaking circuit and you can find more information about Jon at www.jdleonetti.com.

The most common question asked about Dowling Catholic Hall of Famer Mark Amadeo is why.  Why do we call him Dowling Catholic Hall of Famer?  Mark has been announcing games at Dowling Catholic High School since he was a student at Dowling!  For his 30+ years of dedicated broadcasting service, Mark was inducted in the Dowling Hall of Fame in 2010.  Mark’s son, Alex attends Grand View College; Mark and his wife, Mary, have a kindergarten daughter, Gracie, who attends Holy Trinity Catholic School.

If Jon is the up and coming star, Jeanne must be the setting sun of the bunch.  As the senior member of the Morning Show team, she is the youngest to the broadcast world.  Even though she is known for Jeanne Wells Weather, her true love of the show is the opportunity to pray with and for our family of listeners.  Her own family is all grown up;  son, Evan and Mandy have two beautiful girls, Katelyn and Ryann.  Daughter, Chelsea and Andy, added grandson, Drew, in November 2013 and are expecting their second this summer.

The mission of Iowa Catholic Radio is to ‘teach, defend and evangelize the Catholic faith’.   Jon, Mark and Jeanne are blessed to be a daily witness for their faith, and pray that their voice can help someone find their voice in giving praise and thanksgiving to God.

Thanks for reading this blog and please let us know what you would like to hear — including behind-the-scenes with our guests and the ministry of Iowa Catholic Radio TODAY.




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2015: Connecting with you as we journey toward Christ!

By Jerry Bretey, Iowa Catholic Radio

This is the year we hope to “connect” with you better and in more ways than ever before.  Our Social Media Team will continue to utilize facebook, twitter and email to share what’s happening at Iowa Catholic Radio.  We hope to see you at one of our events scheduled for this year.  Or perhaps we’ll meet at one of our remote broadcasts.

And we will continue to bring you the very best Catholic programming.  Iowa Catholic Radio has a wide variety of programs that explore current local, national and even global issues from a Catholic perspective.  Other programs help guide and strengthen our faith, with Christ centered commentary that is not only informative, but interesting and entertaining as well.

Your support in 2014 was exceptional and we look forward to your continuing support as we continue with our work to: Teach, Defend, Evangelize.  A special thanks to all who helped make 2014 a success; our listeners, our wonderful volunteers, great program guests, business underwriters and donors.  Without you we would not be able to carry out the mission, “to help save souls by the power of the Holy Spirit and to proclaim the Gospel through the use of modern media”. With your help we will continue to reach out to over 500,000 people in Central Iowa as the only media outlet with the Catholic perspective!

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Welcome to New General Manager

Hi, I’m the new General Manager of Iowa Catholic Radio and I want to introduce myself to you.

Before that however, on behalf of all of us at Iowa Catholic Radio, a very sincere “thank you” for your support this past year. With your support Iowa Catholic Radio continues to bring faith based, Catholic programming to Central Iowa 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, fulfilling our mission: “To help save souls through the power of the Holy Spirit and to proclaim the Gospel through the use of modern media to Christians in Central Iowa”.

Also, we hope to see you at one or more of the events and remote broadcasts we are planning for 2015.  It’s going to be a busy year, but with your support, the support of our business underwriters, our donors and our wonderful volunteers, the staff of Iowa Catholic Radio is committed to making 2015 another year of progress and service to you, our listeners.

My background is in commercial radio and television. After 7 years as a reporter, I moved to sales, station management and then radio station ownership in Mason City.  We sold our stations and I managed radio stations for other companies in Wisconsin and South Dakota before moving to Des Moines. My wife Karen and I are members of St. Francis of Assisi Parish in West Des Moines. I’m happy and excited to be back in radio, especially Catholic radio.  And I’m looking forward to working with you to “proclaim the Gospel”.

Best wishes for a blessed and happy 2015 from all of us!

Jerry Bretey


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Dowling Catholic Basketball Podcasts

2014-2015 Dowling Catholic Girls and Boys Basketball Schedule

Join Mark Amadeo along with Brian Morris (girls’ games) and Mike Swaim, Jr. (boys’ games) on Iowa Catholic Radio, the radio voice of Dowling Catholic Sports

Check out Podcasts of the HALFTIME and POSTGAME interviews below:
  • Tuesday, December 2nd, 2014 @ 7:15 pm (Girls game only)

    Harlan 51 Dowling Catholic 48POSTGAME


  • Friday, December 5th @ 7:30 pm (Boys game only)

    Dowling Catholic 59 DubuqueWahlert 57
    Diocese of Iowa Catholic Boys BB Classic – POSTGAME


  • Saturday, December 6th @ 3 pm (Boys game only)

    Championship Game of the Diocese of Iowa Catholic Boys BB Classic

    Dowling Catholic 55 Assumption Davenport 38 – POSTGAME


Double Header Games

Pregame at 6 pm:

Girls game approx 6:15 pm • Boys game approx 7:45 pm:

  • Friday, December 12th @ 6 pm

    Girls: Dowling Catholic 55 Johnston 43 – POSTGAME
    Boys: Dowling Catholic 44 Johnston 43 POSTGAME


  • Tuesday, December 16th @ 6 pm

    Waukee @ Dowling Catholic

    Girls: Waukee 58 Dowling Catholic 42 - Halftime and POSTGAME

    Boys: Dowling Catholic 55 Waukee 45 – Halftime and POSTGAME


  • Friday, December 19th @ 6 pm

    Girls: Dowling Catholic 53 Urbandale 25 Halftime and POSTGAME

    Boys: Dowling Catholic 60 Urbandale 54 Halftime and POSTGAME


  • Friday, January 16th @ 6 pm

    Girls: Dowling Catholic 67 Ankeny 17 Halftime and Post Game

    Boys: Dowling Catholic 71 Ankeny 46 Halftime and Post game


  • Friday, January 23rd @ 6pm

    Girls: Dowling Catholic 47 Urbandale 24 Halftime and Postgame

    Boys: Urbandale 46 Dowling Catholic 34 Halftime and Postgame


  • Tuesday, January 27th @ 6 pm

    Girls: Dowling Catholic 35 Ankeny Centennial 26 Halftime and post game

    Boys: Ankeny Centennial 58 Dowling Catholic 47 halftime and Postgame


  • Friday, January 30th @ 6 pm

    Girls: Dowling Catholic 69 WDM Valley 57 Halftime and POSTGAME

    Boys: Valley 64 Dowling Catholic 60 Halftime and Postgame


  • Tuesday, February 3rd @ 6 pm

    Girls: Dowling Catholic 48 SE Polk 46 Post Game

    Boys: Dowling Catholic 59 SE Polk 33 Halftime and post game


  • Friday, February 6th @ 6 pm

    Girls: Dowling Catholic 45 Johnston 32 Halftime and post game
    Boys: Johnston 69 Dowling Catholic 64 Halftime and Postgame


  • Friday, February 13th @6 pm

    Girls: WDM Valley 59 Dowling Catholic 58 Halftime and Post game

    Boys: WDM Valley 71 Dowling Catholic 56 Half time and Post Game


  • Tuesday, February 17th @ 7:30 pm (Boys game only)

    Des Moines Hoover 51 Dowling Catholic 47 Halftime and Postgame


  • Friday, February 20th @ 7:30pm (Boys game only)

    Dowling Catholic 43 Ames 38


Girls Post-Season basketball dates:

  • Saturday, February 21th @ 6:45 pm

    Dowling 72 Council Bluffs Lincoln 23 Halftime and Post game


  • Tuesday, February 24th @ 6:45 pm

    5A-Regional Final Dowling Catholic 72 Ames 38  Halftime and Post Game


  • March 4th @ 5:00 pm

    5A-Girls State Basketball Tournament Dowling 58 Johnston 52 Halftime and Post game


  • March 6th @ 1:45 pm

    5A-Girls State Basketball Tournament Dowling 32 x Waukee 42 Halftime and Post game


Boys Post-Season basketball dates:

  • Friday, February 27th @ 6:45 pm

    4A-Substate semi-final  Dowling Catholic 48 Urbandale 46 Halftime and Postgame


  • Tuesday, March 3rd @ 6:45 pm

    4A-Substate Final Dowling 47 Ames 64 Halftime


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Volunteer for Iowa Catholic Radio

Volunteers are a vital part of the mission of Iowa Catholic Radio.  As a non-profit radio apostolate, volunteers allow the organization to do more, to be more places across the listening area and to reach more people with Christ’s message.

With three full time staff and a hand-full of part time staff, it is the VOLUNTEERS who make Iowa Catholic Radio work!  From the good folks who answer the phones during the Care-a-thon and to those taking turns at our State Fair booth; from those willing to share their faith journey on-air to the regular on-air hosts; from the greeters at our Christ Our Life booth to those who organized the first Ladies Luncheon…it takes so many generous hearts and hands to bring you Iowa Catholic Radio!

There are a number of ways you can volunteer at Iowa Catholic Radio:

  • There is often a need for clerical/office work as well as help with special projects such as putting together mailings and answering phones for the semi-annual Care-a-thon.
  • We need volunteers who can deliver flyers, brochures and materials to their local parish; people who are willing to attend special events on behalf of Iowa Catholic Radio and distribute information; and more.
  • If you have special skills that you feel would be a good fit for Iowa Catholic Radio, please contact us.  We’d love to have you join our family of volunteers that mean so much to us.

Seeking Youth Volunteers

Iowa Catholic Radio is also in need of young people to volunteer.   Whether you are a junior high, high school or college student, there are opportunities for volunteerism and personal enrichment at Iowa Catholic Radio.  Helping our mission may count toward your school service hours or be a part of a service project.

Fill out the form below and you will be contacted by an Iowa Catholic Radio team member.  For more information, contact our Volunteer Coordinator Judi Eilertson at Judi@IowaCatholicRadio.com or call the office at 515.282.7729 (PRAY).


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