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June 24
Men of bravery and valor are invited to a new type of fellowship event where their physical and spiritual strengths can be challenged. This fun and exciting day will offer a unique blend of competition and conference, where they can learn about authentic masculinity through physical endeavors, and grow in virtue while building comradery.

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Strongman Day

Ladies' MOSAIC Luncheon

The month of May, dedicated to Blessed Mary and the feast of the Visitation is May 31. In her honor, we are inviting you and your friends to walk 80 miles throughout the month of May, praying for our Nation. This is the distance from Mary’s home in Nazareth to Elizabeth’s home in Ein Karem.

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May 11
Mary’s Meals is a movement to set up school feeding projects in places where poverty and hunger prevent children from gaining an education. The education they receive is their best hope of escaping poverty in later life.  Speaker Ellen Miller will discuss the inspiration, history and mission of this incredible organization.

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