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Where else in the world can you find listeners of Iowa Catholic Radio? You'd be surprised!

I have great news for you: Iowa Catholic Radio (KWKY 1150) came in loud and clear here in Finland approximately 2 1/2 months ago.

~A. Aaltonen, Finland

It is with great pleasure that I report reception of your station KWKY Des Moines on 1150 kHz.

~S. Gustavsson, Kanngardarna, Djura, Sweden

I had the pleasure of picking up your radio station, KWKY on 1150 kHz AM...I heard your signals jumping out from the noise on the frequency with readable audio! 

~H. Ostnell, Vardo, Arctic Norway

I have the great pleasure to report the catch of your station signal here in Finland on the AM band on 1150 kHz.

~R Klemets, Jepua, Finland

Your signal on AM 1150 kHz was weak with co-channel interference. But considering the distance between transmitter and my receiver, I am more than thrilled!

~P. Eriksson, Vellinge, Sweden

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I was trying to decide what charity to send [it] to, then decided Iowa Catholic Radio was perfect...It's just a small token to offer in thanksgiving for the work you all do to evangelize and education others in our faith journey.

~Peggy P., Indianola

Iowa Catholic Radio keeps me grounded in my faith and in the truth.

~Diane K., St. Mary’s, Des Moines

I listen to your station all the time and love it! God Bless you all, and thanks for the great programming. It enriches my life and brings peace to my soul.

~Vicki G., Albia

I love Iowa Catholic Radio. It helps me pray the Rosary much more often and offer up my whole day to the Glory of God! May God bless your work!

~Nancy K., Des Moines

…the Acts of the Apostles tells us that the early Christians devoted themselves to four things: the teaching of the apostles, community, the breaking of the bread, and prayer. Iowa Catholic Radio helps Catholics today with all four. Programs about apostolic teaching abound. There is prayer at the top of every hour, and the Rosary and Divine Mercy Chaplet. The breaking of the bread is heard in the broadcast of Sunday Mass each week. But community—isn’t radio a one-on-one relationship between me and a box, or tablet, or phone app? Turn off the radio and the relationship stops—right? Not for me with Iowa Catholic Radio. Listening has led me to a growing community…and I thank God for that!

~Tim S., Des Moines