5 Reasons to Listen to Iowa Catholic Radio

1. We make God's Word available to you 24/7, 365 days a year.

2. We come to you in the privacy of your home, office, or car, where you can truly reflect upon what you're hearing.

3. We bring a variety of the highest quality national and local programs.

4. We foster unity among the faithful by hosting or promoting parish and diocesan events in Central Iowa and beyond.

5. We're cost-efficient media, using fewer people and modest resources to reach the broadest audience. 

5 Things You'll Hear on Iowa Catholic Radio

When you tune in to Iowa Catholic Radio, you'll hear local and national radio hosts offering a fresh, moral perspective on critical issues and events of the day. Listen, encounter, and be changed through:

1. Lively morning and evening drive-time programs

2. Talks and instruction on Scripture and the Catechism

3. Call-in programs that invite questions and provide answers

4. Catholic prayers and devotionals throughout the day

5. Daily reflections, sacred and contemporary music selections, and teaching moments like "Saint of the Day" 

Taking the One-Week Challenge

As you go about your usual activities, tune your radio to 1150AM, 88.5FM, or 94.5FM, or use your phone or computer to download and listen on the free Iowa Catholic Radio app. In just 15 minutes, we're sure you'll find something each day worth reflecting on. Preview our informational program page, check out our full Program Schedule here.

Most people consume some form of media each day. Catholic radio has been proven to increase the faith of those who listen, and provides them with the tools to defend their faith when challenged by others. Listeners develop a stronger prayer life, experience inner renewal and improved personal relationships, and may discover or rediscover the beauty of Church community and the Mass.

Once you've taken the One-Week Challenge, we invite you to share your experience with us by emailing your "story" to contact@kwky.com, texting a few thoughts to 515-223-1150, or leaving us a voicemail at extension 27, our Testimonial Line. Better yet, we encourage you to join in our mission as a Catholic radio disciple by sharing your listening experience with family, friends, and others!

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One-Week Challenge:

Listen. Encounter. Be Changed.

Tune in to Iowa Catholic Radio 

for at least 15 minutes daily for one week.

The Holy Spirit does the rest.

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