Why Underwrite Programming on Iowa Catholic Radio?


  • Our listeners are loyal


  • We reach over a million people in central Iowa and beyond.


  • Our listeners are demonstrated patrons of business sponsors.


  • Listeners tune in at home, in their vehicle, online or via their smartphones.


  • Information-oriented content attracts listeners who are looking to hear a message, rather than simply background noise.


  • When your business sponsors programming on Catholic radio, a point of support is created between your entity and the Christian community. Many Christians desire to do business with others who share their worldview. Iowa Catholic Radio seeks to partner with business sponsors that want to serve the Catholic community with honesty and integrity. We will work to ensure the quality and relevance of your announcements, which will serve as an important means of reaching out to the Catholic Christian community.


  • To learn more, contact Deacon Mark Campbell at 515-223-1150 or via email.



The phrasing of underwriting announcements.

Iowa Catholic Radio follows FCC guidelines pertaining to non-commercial stations to ensure that every underwriting announcement meets certain criteria, including the following:

  • No qualitative or comparative statements (“greatest,” “best”, “convenient”)

  • No reference to cost (“free,” “only $19.99”)

  • No “call-to-action” phrasing (“come see our store,” “call now,” “visit our website”), or verbiage that might be interpreted as an inducement to make a purchase (“risk-free,” “limited time offer”)


As per FCC guidance, Iowa Catholic Radio exercises reasonable good faith judgments when making decisions regarding underwriting script copy.